TV-Show Nordic Baltic community 2018: add your movie, live event, or create your periodic talk-show


You want to have your own periodic TV-show too? Infomercial, TV-sales, TV-webinar, and go on-air several times a year, night and day, live or on-time-delay…

then fill-up free application for TV-redaction first check-in! Participate with your smart products in the biggest and most trendy Nordic Baltic community for smartcities


Need help to edit a video or make a film or with the TV equipment you need in your home or office place? Just chat with the team on FB messenger to arrange a TV package fit to you!

Our TV motion showing & sharing is made for

  • creators: professionals who want to have their story, case, design, or idea;
  • producers: organizations that want to stream an event or campaign;
  • non-profit: organizations, social geeks willing to boost their mission;
  • brands: managers busy with brand-positioning, responsible for engaging with an audience or community;
  • developers: engineers busy with building-up big ideas, applications or structures

The Nordic Baltic community for change in B2B is making trade, and contributing to transition from cities to smart-cities. It starts the 2018 adding corporate videos of members, B2B records and live events to its TV palimpsest. “It´s time to go on-air and improve communication skills” Daniel Janetschek says – promoter of the initiative on B2BALTIC.TV. The admission filter is – at the moment – not strict, since all Nordic-Baltic legal entities can participate for free and the check-in procedure is sponsored by and investors. Some extraordinary exceptions might be possible for some guest countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy thank their trading clubs connected with the community. But extra case might be still allowed. You can try, just send your content sample, video or proposal. For example an US company developed a startup in Stockholm and Tallinn, wanted to present its case of investment, or an Italian enterprise old-member bought commercial realestate premises in Riga together with Italy-Baltic Trading Club. All depending on quality of contents and type of initiative.

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