The role of the new communities in the society. And what about B2BALTIC community?


Interview to B2BALTIC community, to ask what the action range of the hub is, and why entrepreneurs “with an extra gear” should start working in general in B2B community, especially with the Nordics. TV redaction summarize the answers in this article in press.

Growing importance of the communities and use of blockchains

World is changed. The growing trend of global structure, the rise of the planet population in the last century, and the unequal distribution of resource or revenues, requires people and developers to build groups or be part of them. In general, unions, associations, alliances, partnerships and, in the last 20 years, communities has become the way to involve people, find new business friends, build bigger structures, or even fight against common injustice. New communities offers new tools to the members such as messaging, pool, idea-sharing, for the engagement, and payment platforms with blockchain and cryptocurrency for “local” online shopping. In 2014 B2BALTIC started and so far has been developed by business angels with primary interest in society matter and international relations. B2BALTIC, like the modern communities of entrepreneurs and retailers, offer a growing number of facilities to its members. So the facility is the key to engage in community and fix issues, or doing business in general.

The vision of the founders is clear: National and continental business world are in need of new alliances or communities, made by groups of decision makers. It is unbelievable to think that we just need Google or LinkedIn to operate business worldwide in the next 30 years. Online platforms are extremely useful but it is not just a question of big directory of profiles, or question of searching the right keyword. Doing business is something very different and it is connected with personal ability in communications first of all and international diplomacy.

Conceptually, you really are what you do, not what you write about you in the LinkedIn profile. All the business-to-business process is influenced by this concept. International diplomacy follows the same. Together with this concept you find association with the principle of the “sharing” and the “win-win”. The “sharing” principle does not obligate you to share your world with others, but to share your stuff (your business, product, press, initiative, belief, targets, resource) with other smart people, with same target like you: personal and structural grow. For all these reasons, any kind of community “activity” also deal with ethic and rule. Of course you will always found, also in the community, the ones who does not search for growth but for fun, or others who are curios but passive (so called “observers”, they like observe the growth of the others). Which type you are?

Another point to consider that communities differently from unions or associations, have an easy scheme. This makes easier the change of roles, managers, positions, and also adding further figures such as moderators, editors, influencers, mentors. Things go easily rapid public domain. Community system support meritocracy, transparency, and even reduce corruption risks of the old “bureaucratic and oligarchic” schemes.

Blockchains. It can be a technology for good. It enables the community to realize a Smart City platform that is owned by the people of a city, that rewards co-creation and engagement, and that supports a peer-to-peer economy. The P2P is the right way to do B2B instead paying fees everywhere. What´s wrong with the actual world business models and type of trade? That Amazon, Airbnb,, Facebook and others take everything, not sharing the revenues coming from city visitors, advertising, etc with any of the local businesses. The money just goes abroad and disappear. The current model of winner-take-all capitalism is leaving a growing number of able-bodied persons behind as the spoils of growing productivity are rewarded to those with the greatest access to financial capital. The community powers a connected network of self-funding community and commerce platforms where residents and visitors search, connect, share and transact locally. Directly in a way that empowers everyone to realize their productive capacity and where more money stays in each local economy. This way empowers not only metropolitan areas but also small cities. How possible? Every user that signs up receives a free smart-wallet for both conventional and cryptocurrency transactions. Each resident is provided with a verified and permanent digital identity and combines the identity with a public facing profile, location, personal preferences, links to social media accounts and the ability to pay a person or business. Then a turn-key digital storefront platforms across retail, services, dining and lodging is provided. Each merchant can secure a free digital storefront for selling locally and globally. The result – we have seen – is that more money stays in local economies and more citizens are able to engage in co-creating qualify of life.


What the community for innovation B2BALTIC can actually do for me?

  • increase your personal popularity
  • motivate you to make smart things and talk smart
  • make you coaching other members
  • allow you to offer other members your best product
  • give the right input to your sales & marketing process
  • establish focus on key contents with or without television
  • attract partners for your case or funding
  • define research, investigation, market survey
  • develop things together with you to make them greater
  • connect you with smart people
  • exchange your business room in office with business travelers
  • improve your life and make you changing things around you
  • engage your customers with facilities based on blockchain technology.

what´s the business model of B2BALTIC?

  • B2BALTIC is multiple hub. We get a smart product from you: an IT solution, a real estate object, an automation system, furniture, a piece of art, an anti-age cream, a tasty food, etc.
  • B2BALTIC is targeting people and contents first. We give you a free membership to start but you can change the membership and position anytime as contributor, professional or leader. It is important for us, what you want to introduce and how you introduce your stuff.
  • B2BALTIC is researcher. We research automatically and manually the smart content in any of your presentations on web: sites, videos, articles. We research also on other structures or institutions, the contents you are searching for.
  • B2BALTIC create several territorials community involving big cities or small village using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. All the local retail system get advantage with this. The buyers use a super safe payment platform which is local, based on blockchain technology. Payments are accepted into cryptocurrency (bitcoins or others) or normal local currency. B2BALTIC give you a smart wallet for all safe payments. The wallet can be topped up or anytime withdraw possible.
  • B2BALTIC is objective. We assign a priority according to the quality of the content found, the category of your product, your location.
  • B2BALTIC is sharing. We start sharing or listing in the community the contents when they comply with the community B2B mission. We don´t just copy, paste, retweet, reproduce, distribute contents as a spam if there is not an understandable background (example a good explained conference meeting, not an advertising fake, etc).
  • B2BALTIC targets quality first. We don´t assign priorities just depending on how much the member contributes. The hub objectively evaluate and support the quality and the potentiality, both of the content and of the final product (for example the smartest product of the week, or a non-profit event open to smart people talking about social development, a live conference, and many more).
  • B2BALTIC is fast and late. Right because the evaluation process, matching system and action are based on our objective evaluation and mathematics, it is impossible to calculate how speedy the community is. It is also up to you.
  • B2BALTIC supports motions. The more smart videos you produce to describe your job, the better is. We like supporting video contents. We believe that entrepreneurs should be active, not passive, and the contents should be “alive” to describe you in “motion”.
  • B2BALTIC invests on you. Your specialists tell you that they will evaluate your stuff and make a proposal to you when you pay them. Instead the power of the community is this: we invest first on your matter. Evaluation is free (but takes time), internal listing is free, promotion sometimes is free as well. When you join us, the business angels of the community may invest from 50 to 700 EUR in human and marketing resource to promote you in the community and outside. Our Venture Capitalists may decide to invest much more, depending on product or project.
  • B2BALTIC attracts investors, but not alone. You need to help your community to find investors or sponsors for you. It is important that you produce good contents to share, you participate actively, you show what you can. You are energetic or, if you are not, you invest by yourself in making your own team active. Community VC want to see you believe in what you sell, and you are the promoter first. However, the community investors (they are also members like you) will not invest much in your matter unless they see you have at least 1 sponsor behind you. We help you to find the first base sponsor, or you are that one, or you find one. But you need one.
  • B2BALTIC is reciprocal and associative. The community, members, investors may sponsor you and your stuff. You are invited to sponsor the stuff of other members or the general community exchange and image. A community is not a corporation, not a supplier, but an aggregator with social attitude. However, the orientation is for profit, “general” profit for all members. The more powerful the community is, the more resources can be invested in member´s matter.
  • B2BALTIC is for win-win. We think that the correct business model is based on win-win. We don´t support members who “use” other members of the community, requiring them huge work under the promise of fees later. We don´t support members who over-evaluate their job and time cost. We promote the principle of the sharing, fair fees, co-investment in all our B2B transactions.
  • B2BALTIC is a co-investment hub. We invest in each member without any discrimination and advancing resources but frequently your marketing process requires more resources, above all when you are not of the Nordic Baltic area. If you expectations are high, then you should co-invest in your matter together with the community: you can improve, for example, your contents, hire more experts (or outsourcing) in the community, translate your text, make a market research, run a TV program, make an attractive video spot, buy advertising.
  • B2BALTIC make you TV speaker. Since 2017 the community has developed a powerful sales weapon: B2BALTIC Television. We believe that video and WebTV are the future of the sales & marketing, best for B2B engagement as well as for entertainment. People want to watch you, is the concept. Thereby we offer you two tools: a TV cloud where you can store all your videos and program the play-list (called palimpsest); and a TV space where you can run your speech, presentation or tutorial, “live” or “time-delay”.
Payment using blockchain, cryptocurrency in B2BALTIC

and special plus…

for retailers

  • integrate visual-merchandising into your city shop (smartcities)
  • rethink and redesign your shop by community architects
  • permit you to store goods from other members for reselling or convenient storage
  • connect with more specialized reseller of the retail hub

for real estate owners

  • find international buyers for your properties
  • find co-investors for your development projects
  • restructure your commercial estates according to smart tech & comfort
  • transform your house into a luxury villa
  • integrate wellness spa inside your structure by famous designers

for exporters & traders

  • manage trading tasks through smart logistics
  • offer trade backing with funding from 10.000 €
  • find importers abroad
  • fix transactions and legal matter
  • share with you distributor portfolio with over 1700 brokers

for who has already achieved everything

  • offer you opportunity to mentor young executives temporary, online or onsite worldwide

for investors

  • find smart pitch to finance
  • find other smart investors like you, do networking, share startups
  • acquire shares of new ventures and mentor the new executive team
  • receive periodically selected investment proposal with financial details

for professional directors

  • increase chances to find a new successful enterprise to work in

for journalists, passionate editors, marketers

  • share your best self-edited contents or videos with the community
  • grant you access to editor platform and press sites
  • share business articles, research or journalism in social medias
  • market your initiative

for smart cities developers and innovators

  • make easier access to municipalities, authorities and city urbanism
  • find local system integrators or partners for your technology or design
  • assist you with competent local lawyers to fix any trouble

…and much more.

What does B2BALTIC mean for hundreds professionals?

It´s the most trendy community for business-to-business relations, with orientation to social innovation, smartcities and trade in the Nordics and Baltics. It is made by business angels to support business for profit and non-profit. The community helps industries to build success through smart contents. It engages smart entrepreneurs, distributors, startuppers, and sponsors events in the 9 countries of the Baltic-sea area, or many more, in connection with Baltic.

The community involves and motivates entrepreneurs in building-up business relationships, improving international diplomacy and challenging personal communication skills. The community is outside regional politic parties, is neutral, however supporters of any social initiative for non-profit whenever the target is to make our regions a better place to stay. The memberships in the hub is exclusive, only for registered legal or private entities but allows you to start for free: membership, position and role in the community can be changed anytime.

The community is open: it means, if you are active and maker, you can be national managing director, council advisor and co-owner, change the rules inside too, team player, game changer. The community model is essentially based on meritocracy and about what you do and say right now to positively change things around you.

Who manages the community B2BALTIC?

Daniel Janetschek is the community moderator and redactor, entrepreneur since 2000. Together with about 40 entrepreneurs, developers and also members of the community. Each one has expertise in a specific sector also with over 40 years of business life in background. He says “we started B2BALTIC with sharing orientation, for anybody who want to work as game changer together with others. We got level about 20 thousands members and up to 50 thousands users but this is not because we are good in marketing. That´s because people like the idea of the big social business group, with social attitude in doing business, and several sub departments for specific subject. Now we even use blockchain technology, accepting cryptocurrency and we are creating sub-communities for covering territories, including countrysides, not only big cities. Actually people are tired of the old structures. We are doing our best not to disappoint them. However this big community project is continuously in improvement. Mistakes help grow better. The television facility is something that sounds attractive to our members. But 99% of the members is used to watch TV, not to make it. We are working to propose already WebTV and smart visual-facilities as future of the television and business.

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