B2BALTIC is definitevely a digital-transformation, because of its global background and top cyber, ICT and online media gurus. The hub has been for over 20 years dealing with business digitalization, enterprise software, internet hosting, TV cloud, retail tools, social technology, smartcity-solutions, cyber&network security, safe digital payments via banks or blockchains. All is collected into a single group, the B2BALTIC Tech Hub, which is istitutionally operative since 2014 inside the community.

We recommend to read the other article about how retail store can integrate visual-merchandising. Recently the tech department also integrates a new digital services for TV cloud: this system is able to make you programming your own video play-list in a professional way, like you were launching your own business Television, with live-syndacation to all your social media accounts (YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitter/Periscope Live and many mores). B2BALTIC Television also provide streaming software: you can use “reliable” for your most important live events such us conferences, meetings, speech, concerts, sport.

International Cyberconferences and hundreds of scientific webinars in B2BALTIC Hub

Together with B2BALTIC members they organize top conferences for cybersecurity mostly, and from 2018 also for GDPR/Data-Security compliance (see upcoming events). In Europe B2BALTIC usually organize in Italy, Latvia and Austria through our stakeholders, sponsors or members. The hub offers several opportunities for watching free tech webinars on the open Business TV. Starting in 2019 we have added Directors TV 24 channel thank international agreements: it´s also a webinar TV, for tech & sales purpose. If you are a tech geek and you want to explain how your product works, or you are a communicative sales person, you can either add your existing webinar, connect it LIVE, or send the record to B2BALTIC TV redaction. The hub also provide 1) a webinar platform 2) a webinar moderator 3) webinar marketing invitations, if you want to reach more key-persons.

20 years and more of history

The tech group was created actually in January 2000 in Vienna. He started also talking Italian already from 2001, and already from 2006 was available in Germany. In 2014 involved Sweden Finland Russia Estonia Latvia and Lithuania all together with a great sales & marketing action carried out for over 24 months, supporting and sponsoring hundreds of events. Poland and Denmark came from 2016. United States of America from 2017. It counts about 1000+ corporate members with strong technical scientific background. About 100 are the cyber geeks. Somehow they collaborate with each other but it is not always easy: tech geeks are usually single thinkers, little introverted, always busy in inventing new things, multitasking, and not easy to make them sharing what they invent. But you can help us hel them. The community also offer a LinkedIn group, which counts about 400 members (see list of B2BALTIC LinkedIn groups with over 16.000 members on the professional network of LinkedIn According to statistics the hub has connections around the world with over 3500 system-integrator: this makes easier to find local partners, resellers and more developers to adapt your technology to their platforms.


How you can to collaborate with this kind of advanced “difficult” big tech team.

We believe that the opportunity is offered to who has big spirit of initiative, clear ideas with clear products. Sometimes it is required to have quite a good budget for marketing, because only with sales-pushing or smart engagement they react. It´s recommended to participate to the hub events, for having several opportunity to meet up with our tech geeks. Register as member of B2BALTIC hub is the first step.


Work group categories inside.

The main categories of B2BALTIC members accepted in hightech workgroup are: Information Technology, Computer Software, Hardware, Networking, Electronic Manufacturing,  Consumer Electronics, Telecommunications, Industrial Automation, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Design & Computer Graphics, Civil Engineering, Medical Devices, Metals, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Renewable & Environment, Research, Semiconductors, Retail intelligence, Machinery, Robotics, Aerospace, Mobile Apps development, DAM, ECM, ERP, BI, CRM, and Cybersecurity. Group access is also open to recruiting companies, HR-managers looking for tech specialists (but restricted, only for recruiters members of the community!).