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From this week our redaction will start talking again about technology and the higher targets of our members in the community for innovation & smartcities. The reason is because we have seen the growing interest for digital-transformation, such us new retail tools, social technology, smartcity-solutions, safe digital payments and blockchains. A few weeks ago in another article we were talking how a modern retail store can integrate visual-merchandising. Recently the tech department of B2BALTIC also integrate a new digital services for TV cloud: the system is able to make you programming your own video play-list in a professional way, like you were launching your own business Television.

But the digital world is going faster, integrating smart apps and smart way to order things and pay, all connected with a safe blockchain. That´s the job of the high tech group of the community. So we want to discover what they are inventing, and where is the opportunity for the members and the cities first of all.

Tech/scientific free webinars

The hub offers several opportunities for watching free tech webinars. Otherwise, if you are a tech geek or you sell a tech product, you can either add your existing webinar, send the record of it to our TV redaction or create a new one on our webinar TV platform. The difference between a webinar platform and our platform is that your webinars are directly connected to Nordic Baltic webTV networks, involving local businesses, or international corporate guests.

20 years and more of activities

The tech group was created actually 20 years ago, with a start from IT information technology in Europe. Since the community B2BALTIC for trade & innovation started in 2014, hundreds of tech geeks and IT entrepreneurs have joined the workgroup. Nowadays the community groups for hightech Nordic Baltic counts about 700 corporate members with strong technical scientific background. Somehow they collaborate with each other but it is not always easy: tech geeks are usually single thinkers, little introverted, always busy in inventing new things and they don´t share them until things are perfect!


Also a group on LinkedIn, 400+, only for experts

Tech geeks are also not very talk-active and we can see this in social medias: even on LinkedIn they rarely express opinions and show-up with posts. The community has offered them also a LinkedIn group, which counts about 400 members. (N.B. you can join that group too, if you are like them! group rules have been always strict, both in member-filter and content-filter). But the community according to statistics has connections around the world with over 3500 system-integrators.


How you can (try) to collaborate with this kind of advanced big team.

We believe that the opportunity is offered to who has big spirit of initiative, clear ideas with clear products. Sometimes it is required to have quite a good budget for marketing, because only with sales-pushing or smart engagement they react. First of all you should join the community too, as a member. Second step, you should present your content. If you have a good product or a good idea, you have for sure content. The content is everything you need to explain the others your stuff: media, text, videos, movies, etc. Contents can be shared on community platforms, social medias, through marketing campaign, or sales force. Sometimes a market research is required but it depends on the matter and business targets.


Work group categories inside.

The main categories of B2BALTIC members accepted in hightech workgroup are: Information Technology, Computer Software, Hardware, Networking, Electronic Manufacturing,  Consumer Electronics, Telecommunications, Industrial Automation, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Design & Computer Graphics, Civil Engineering, Medical Devices, Metals, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Renewable & Environment, Research, Semiconductors, Retail intelligence, Machinery, Robotics, Aerospace, Mobile Apps development, DAM, ECM, ERP, BI, CRM, and Cybersecurity. Group access is also open to recruiting companies, HR-managers looking for tech specialists (but restricted, only for recruiters members of the community!). Contact the high tech team, talk to an engineer, ask a tip. 

Add your tech event, or webinar now. Otherwise you can send a record of your past event.

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