Italy Baltic Trading Hub: the trendy business exchange for innovation with Nordic and Italian entrepreneurship

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NEWS! The Italian week in Baltic is coming! →Read article and register on time! Main Topics: food, beverage, fashion, jewels, art, furniture, machinery, software, solutions for smartcities

Redaction of B2BALTIC Magazine talks today about the successful hub of Italy Baltic Trading, that since 2013 is the first trading community connecting Italian entrepreneurship class with the Nordic Baltic ones. The trading deals with international social development projects, commercial real estate, trade of smart products made-in-Italy and made-in-Nordics (from cosmetics and food to high-tech), startups, spinoffs, art and design furniture. Thank a group of angel investors and multi-lingual marketing directors, the hub supports member´s funding campaigns, investor search up to 14 countries and several other facilities such as, press release sharing and business networking events in the cities of Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, Helsinki, Saint-Petersburg, Stockholm, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Genova, Bologna (Bertinoro), Milano.

Italy Baltic meets MSC Seaview delivery in Genova June 2018

The exclusive Italy Baltic Trading Hub was founded in 2013 by Baltica & Partners team of Janetschek & Partners Developers & Attorneys. More than 1400 leading businesses are involved. The simplified structure of the hub under the community-model of B2BALTIC, with less bureaucracy, no-lobbies, and the power of strong famous Italian brands, are key of success.

This is for sure the right place for Italian-International lovers, both for Nordic and for Italian. The hub also provide the members with a LinkedIn presence with about 1000 selected members. Italy-Baltic Trading found alliance and promote NGO Italian structures: Non-Profit Club Federation Club IN Milan, Club IN Liguria, Alma Mater Foundation of University of Bologna, Dante Alighieri Worldwide Association, DACH-I German Italia Network, 🇸🇪DBS Sweden, Luxury Nordic Hub LNH, B2BALTIC Television.

In Italy the Trading Community offers business guests on-demand the access and use of top luxury locations, perfect for any kind of meeting, conference or expos: 750 sqm in Genova-center in a noble UNESCO palace of Anno 1500; in Bertinoro (Bologna-Forli-cesena) at the middle-age castle of the University of Bologna, the oldest university of the world, about 1000 sqm with beautiful panorama on the rock. See at the bottom of this article some of the pictures of the premises.

A WebTV facility to empower the trading or marketing of the members, with cameraperson on-site, live broadcasting on Facebook/Twitter/YouTube (eventually with TV on “cloud” plus CDN), and videoediting are also provided.

Italy Baltic friends & sponsors

Main Specialization of Italy Baltic Trade in B2BALTIC community.

  • Import/Export furniture, house-systems, luxury design and equipment, for commercial and residential premises;
  • Technology, innovation smart tools for smart-cities;
  • Real Estate investments;
  • Construction of retail shops, hotels, logistic centers, shopping malls, professional offices, luxury villas;
  • SPA & Wellness, planning and full construction in 24 countries with top design;
  • Art restoration, art conservation in Italy and in the Nordics for profit and non-profit;
  • Import/Export of food, wine, gastronomy;
  • Internationalization process for Startups, onshoring, sales, marketing, crowdfunding campaign assistance;
  • Accounting, Audit, company formations, legal support (over 140 lawyers) for trade or transactions;
  • Business Travels and Tour-Operations between Italy and Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Poland, both for leisure and business traveling.
  • Sales of Yachts, sailing boats, luxury boats any size with premises for parking in Riga, Genova, Helsinki.
  • Creation of Retail communities with blockchain technology, accepting cryptocurrency and other locals.

In summer 2018 the Baltic Bees Jets in Italy (Bellaria Igea Marina) were invited. Beautiful video:

How to stay tuned with Italy Baltic Hub

Italy Baltic answer questions through the Italian-Baltic department (in English and Italian) in B2BALTIC Television, just contact us for details. Otherwise we recommend to register in the community B2BALTIC as a business or professional, and still to join the invitation list below (recommended to choose Italy-Baltic list).

How much does participation in the hub cost

Base participation is usually free of charge. Membership exists in different versions, basic (free), professional, contributor and leader. The hub (B2BALTIC) invest in the members thank an angel private fun. However, the contribution is needed whenever the business members requires promotions, legal support, marketing and specific advertising. Some members with particular products or smart projects might find in the hub a loyal business partner: the hub broadcasts on TV the best partners for free time by time. In the average the membership suggest a contribution between 400 and 1400 € per year as co-investment, and includes: coverage of sales & marketing expenses for the launch of a specific product, genration first contacts/partners/buyers, case study and evaluation, video elaboration, networking groups, import/export tips, and base legal support for any emergency. Italy has invested several million euro in the last 10 years in the Baltics, acquiring hotels, companies, estates. Top players. One reason more to work all together. Contact B2BALTIC team for details or to participate

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