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NORDIC BALTIC MEDIA WEEK LIVE 2019 TV – Last day for applications suppliers & sponsors

February 15, 2019

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This is the last day to be active part of the most important event of the community during the first semester 2019. Decide if you want to be supplier participant, or top sponsor.

You can join this top event from any location where you are, also from your office. Benefit of the digitalization. That´s the last day for registering as supplier or sponsor to NORDIC BALTIC B2B MEDIA LIVE TV 2019 which will take place from 4 to 10 of March 2019 and will continue for the sponsors all March 2019 and even later (check the sponsorship plan below). In this event we support together with you SOS CHILDREN´S VILLAGE OF ESTONIA LATVIA AND LITHUANIA. The event is also a big party to cheer 5 YEARS B2BALTIC THE MOST TRENDY AND OPEN COMMUNITY IN EUROPE.


For external business visitors, watchers, business buyers (free of charge)

If you are a business professional you have the opportunity to interact with many other businesses, watch other´s show cases, via TV LIVE, or the archived records. During the event you can learn more about international businesses, evaluate and share several kind of stuffs, leave your public feedback or critic, support social causes, order amazing industrial products or get samples coming from any kind of industry. While you watch on WebTV, or read magazine, or visit the TV cloud platform, you could win the daily lottery. There are two B2B lotteries, one for official sponsors and participants, one for free visitors, with daily rewards during the week. Rewards are delivered by our traders and producers: you can win some of their best products. During the week, there will be several free TV webinars you can join and chat live for questions, about many industrial topics. And it´s not only business, discovering and learning, but also entertainment. Your support to kids causes is welcome: clicking here.


For sponsors:

  • Sponsorships are made for top managers, best brands and for those who love telling their story, business case or professional mission. Planed for a long term relationship with the Nordic Baltic business community for trade and innovation, and for a powerful brand/name positioning. It delivers the best video marketing techniques and includes several benefits for all 2019, check the →comparison table



For participant /non-sponsor (business pass for being part of the event as supplier)

  • for members of B2BALTIC coming from the Nordic/Baltic (included Poland, Norway, Iceland, the cities of Saint Petersburg and Berlin) a voluntary amount from (minimal fee), 220 €+ 20% EU VAT + free donation for kids (donation for kids suggested not less than 40 euro!)
  • for members of B2BALTIC coming from DACH-I or Italy-Baltic Trading Community (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy), 270 €+ 20% EU VAT + free donation for kids (donation for kids suggested not less than 40 euro!)
  • for non-members or stand-by-members of B2BALTIC in EU , 390 € + 20% EU VAT + free donation for kids (donation for kids suggested not less than 40 euro!)
  • for non-members or stand-by-members of B2BALTIC outside EU, 490 € + 20% EU VAT + free donation for kids (donation for kids suggested not less than 40 euro!)

part of the netto revenues for this event will be donated by B2BALTIC to kids however – if you reserve your place not later than 14th January 10% discount on the fee.



Benefits for brands and professionals

  • participation to the media event during the whole event week, or longer, as participant, with your best product or service featured!
  • connection to your own web visible from our TV platform on www.b2baltic.tv and magazine pages on www.b2baltic.org!
  • you can win the business lottery and your business case as a winner might be showed on TV once time more in a special TV day;
  • your donation will be paid by B2BALTIC to the kids, and you will receive information where your donation for kids went exactly;
  • at least 1 of your best videos will go TV LIVE; our audience mostly entrepreneurs, retailers, distributors, brokers, marketing geeks, tech geeks, realestate developers, business angels, investors, business journalists, mostly from 9 countries and main Baltic cities of the whole Nordic/Baltic sea (70% Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Western.Russia); other countries of Europe (20% with important presence of Austria, Switzerland, Italy); global (10%).
  • if your video and product is especially trendy, requested or watched during the event we will interview you and send interview LIVE on TV during the event or during March 2019;
  • your video and interviews will go shared in several medias including , YouTube, Twitter, Periscope and Facebook, several times every day, and still reachable in video archive during event, during all 2019 and probably even after 2019;
  • video-marketing inclusive for you, made by the international media-expert Daniel Janetschek, founder of the global movement for smartcities – it will be sponsored by B2BALTIC on YouTube and Google networks to increase your visibility during the event;
  • other facilities and discount offered by B2BALTIC and members time by time when available, and fix 15% discount on any new top events as participant, 5% discount if you participate as a sponsor another time);
  • free-pass to the local business conferences or expo organized by our team for our sponsors in the city of Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw, Berlin or Copenhagen;
  • and much more for the sponsors (see plan above).


A support for kids and social causes

B2BALTIC since 5 years support social causes also for charity and kids. Our authorized startups collect the donations, and you can be sure that we will transfer your donations to the right people, not wasted. As written above, you will be able to track where your donation went to. If you want to donate regardless of any event, click here and directly donate to our suggested NGO Associations for kids (SOS Children´s Villages).




February 15, 2019
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