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What the community for innovation can actually do for me?

  • increase your personal popularity
  • motivate you to make smart things and talk smart
  • make you coaching other members
  • allow you offering other members your best product
  • give the right input to your sales & marketing process
  • establish focus on key contents with or without television
  • attract partners for your case or funding
  • define research, investigation, market survey
  • develop things together with you to make them greater
  • connect you with smart people
  • exchange your business room in office with business travelers
  • improve your life and make you changing things around you

and special plus…

for retailers

  • integrate visual-merchandising into your city shop (smartcities)
  • rethink and redesign your shop by community architects
  • permit you to store goods from other members for reselling or convenient storage
  • connect with more specialized reseller of the retail hub

for real estate owners

  • find international buyers for your properties
  • find co-investors for your development projects
  • restructure your commercial estates according to smart tech & comfort
  • transform your house into a luxury villa
  • integrate wellness spa inside your structure by famous designers

for exporters & traders

  • manage trading tasks through smart logistics
  • offer trade backing with funding from 10.000 €
  • find importers abroad
  • fix transactions and legal matter
  • share with you distributor portfolio with over 1700 brokers

for who has already achieved everything

  • offer you opportunity to mentor young executives temporary, online or onsite worldwide

for investors

  • find smart pitch to finance
  • find other smart investors like you, do networking, share startups
  • acquire shares of new ventures and mentor the new executive team
  • receive periodically selected investment proposal with financial details


for professional directors

  • increase chances to find a new successful enterprise to work in


for journalists, passionate editors, marketers

  • share your best self-edited contents or videos with the community
  • grant you access to editor platform and press sites
  • share business articles, research or journalism in social medias
  • market your initiative


for smart cities developers and innovators

  • make easier access to municipalities, authorities and city urbanism
  • find local system integrators or partners for your technology or design
  • assist you with competent local lawyers to fix any trouble

…and much more.


What does B2BALTIC mean for hundreds professionals?

It´s the most trendy community for business-to-business relations, with orientation to social innovation, smartcities and trade in the Nordics and Baltics. It is made by business angels to support business for profit and non-profit. The community helps industries to build success through smart contents. It engages smart entrepreneurs, distributors, startuppers, and sponsors events in the 9 countries of the Baltic-sea area, or many more, in connection with Baltic. The community involves and motivates entrepreneurs in building-up business relationships, improving international diplomacy and challenging personal communication skills. The community is outside regional politic parties, is neutral, however supporters of any social initiative for non-profit whenever the target is to make our regions a better place to stay. The memberships in the hub is exclusive, only for registered legal or private entities but allows you to start for free: membership, position and role in the community can be changed anytime. The community is open: it means, if you are active and maker, you can be national managing director, council advisor and co-owner, change the rules inside too, team player, game changer. The community model is essentially based on meritocracy and about what you do and say right now to positively change things around you.

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