Fikorus brand & Mania Jewels: talent and creativity for fashion from Nordics

Designers Kalervo & Nina Karlsson


Redaction of B2BALTIC Television went to discover the creativity of a fashion master in Helsinki. Kalervo Karlsson, the talent in fashion design and photography is the solide base of two brands in the Nordic luxury fashion panorama together with his wife Nina Karlsson: Fikorus and Mania Jewels. He said about “Mania”

<<It is only a northern song – Jewelry from the country where the air hurts the designer’s face>>.

Mr. Karlsson wants to make the world more beautiful, pearl by pearl, his words. And exactly the beautiful pearls are one of the most important elements in his creations.

Fikorus Mania Jewels By Kalervo Karlsson


The design involves earrings, hoops, necklaces, bracelets, womanhandbags and rings. Fikorus fashion design is atelier and a good representative of hand made power in Finland. Pearlesque bags represents a new way to combine jewelry and bag. The snakeskins used in these bags are coming from snake farms where the snakes die a natural death. Fresh water pearls are very high quality, the AAA-grade has a very nice luster and thick nacre.

Fikorus womanhandbag


Kalervo is a photographer, visual artist and a designer. Niina is a designer, visual artist, make-up artist, and jewelry expert. But this couple is not only a creator of fashion. Just try to watch their videos, what they have produced to show you their talent, and you will understand: they are perfect film makers, able to create style and fashion parade inside and outside their fantasy movies. The choice of their subjects describes the multi-talent of these artists. The two designers also provide their clients with top fashion Fotoshooting and “tailor-made” films.

<<This magic apparel can attract luxury jewelry resellers>> Luxury-Nordic-Hub says. After that, we believe their brands offer an interesting opportunity of distribution for specialized jewelry resellers around the world. For those ones, who don´t search just the product and quality, but also ability in showing-up like makers should do.


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