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N.B! Workgroups are productive units. Their related networking groups are place where you broadcast yourself by yourself. Use the opportunity but be careful! We have 14 departments based on experience of our founders and community members. They are older than our community (started in 2014). For example our Real Estate Department was started in 1995. HighTech group is of 2002. The Non-Profit Department historically from 1991. All workgroups were started in the European continent, later EU. From 2014 there are also LinkedIn groups. Since then the departments have become 700% bigger welcoming new suppliers, new clients, new partners, and thousands new members thank social medias.

Free post boosting (use it now and show-up!)

To get a free boosting (sharing, retweet) of your post just mention “@B2BALTIC” (or @B2BALTICTELEVISION): just mention it so and you will see that the automatic system will give you the correct link to click on) in your post on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Otherwise, professional booster of your content

Alternative A) you buy a booster, it uses all medias, B2BALTIC.TV inclusive, or B) become member professional, leader or contributor (first time? join the community. Already free member? contact us directly on chat)

Groups are moderated by a special support team 7 days on 7: B2BALTIC TV HelpDesk (see on Facebook). 

You can be a moderator too. Our moderators are mostly entrepreneurs, CMO, lawyers, researchers, recruiters. You can add your work to the listing too (N.B. your memberships in the networking groups depend on your exact business location and public CV/Profile). Group access is restricted to avoid crowd and spam.

NEWS: Best publishers, advertisers (or best products, best video contents, events, presentations, social attitude, participation, editor contribution) will be rewarded by boosting them longer in the community external networking groups, and will participate to B2BALTIC Awards 2018-2019.

We believe, LinkedIn is a serious professional platform for messaging, both for profit and nonprofit specialists. It is a “must have” in the modern B2B communications. Twitter instead is not very popular in Europe, but we recommend to have an account and use twitter for issuing press releases like we do:


On our social media you can share your:

  • press release,
  • product launch,
  • business events,
  • social mission,
  • job offer,
  • researches, documentary,
  • professional films and business movies,
  • questions to the other members, help requests,
  • self-promotions (if “well-done” and compatible with group-topic);
  • your last videos for B2B.

Recommendations in networking and warning!

Your membership inside one of our groups requires you to join the community and choose a membership plan (free-basic, professional, leader, free contributor). Your performance inside the community and the relationships with the members of the departments depends on it as well. N.B. networking without a good basement, strategy and full participation, does not generate much. We wish, you could be a winner in the community: we would gain too and focus more on you.

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