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Workgroups of B2BALTIC have been turning around several millions since 2014. They are productive units of the community with independent directors and project managers, members of the community B2BALTIC or associates. Workgroups develop commercial real estate, create a new shop, launch a cloud platform, perform an enterprise new software, export coffee, sell a luxury yacht, etc. It depends on your sector and curriculum. Some of our workgroups also have a LinkedIn group where it is possible to do networking. LinkedIn groups are also fro free members, although networkers need to comply with the community rules and ethic code, avoid spam, avoid bad-written contents and show reciprocal sharing attitude. The networking areas are place where you broadcast yourself by yourself. Use the opportunity choosing the department correctly! Please do remind that your access to the LinkedIn group may be restricted, limited, according to your LinkedIn profile and the relevance of your articles.

Taxfree post boosting (use it now and show-up!)

To get a free boosting (sharing, retweet) of your business article just mention “@B2BALTIC” (or @B2BALTICTELEVISION in some platforms). Our redaction will monitor who mentions the community, quality of the content and type of topic. If the content is complying with our rules, our moderator may decide to share the article in some social media platforms, or not, or contact you for suggestions.

Otherwise, professional booster of your content

Alternative of the free boosting is our best professional boosting for all levels.

  • A) you buy a booster, it uses all medias
  • or B) become member professional, leader or contributor (first time? join the community. Already free member? contact us directly on chat on facebook)

You can be a moderator too or author

Our moderators are mostly volunteer entrepreneurs, CMO, lawyers, researchers, recruiters of the community. You can add your articles to the listing too. Moderation and quality-contents are important and welcome in the community: we discard spam and bad advertising (Warning: bad contents or spam can drive to the suspension of your account for months!)


B2BALTIC AWARDS 2019: Best publishers, advertisers, best product, best video contents, best events, best presentations, best social attitude, best contribution, best articles, will be rewarded by boosting them longer in the community and possibly other prizes.



We believe, LinkedIn is a serious professional platform for messaging, both for profit and nonprofit specialists. It is a “must have” in the modern B2B communications. B2BALTIC community uses LinkedIn for sharing contacts and profile, recruiting and recommendations. Twitter instead is not very popular in Europe, but we require you to have an account and use twitter for issuing press releases, and stay updated with all changes and special news:


On B2BALTIC community social medias you can share your:

  • press release,
  • product launch,
  • business events,
  • social mission,
  • job offer,
  • researches, documentary,
  • professional films and business movies,
  • questions to the other members, help requests,
  • self-promotions (if “well-done” and compatible with group-topic);
  • your last videos for B2B.


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