The famous B2BALTIC RETAIL HUB has involved hundreds of retail professionals and distributors in the Nordics and Baltics. This populated hub provide members with a co-work opportunity with retail experts who are targeting effectively:

  1. building new shops in the cities (see list of constructions made by Janetschek & Partners),
  2. restructuring commercial premises with design and comfort,
  3. digital transformation by adopting visual-merchandising and for improvement of the customer´ experience,
  4. international networking between wholesalers,
  5. import export facilties,
  6. improvment of sales force through promos and market research,
  7. use of blockchain for safe payments, user-identification, messaging, promos from communities of local retailers,
  8. integration of existing e-commerce platforms,
  9. consulting about retail industry and mentors exchange.
Design and restyling for malls

Members of the retail hub are mostly located in Sweden, Finland, Western Russia and Moscow, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Denmark. Some Italian, Austrian and Swiss retailers have been recently included through the international diplomacy of Italy Baltic Trading Community and DACH-I Group. The hub was initially promoted by Janetschek & Partners Engineering & Attorneys, with many years of background in commercial real estate development and top key partners. From 2018 only business members, co-investors or contributors, with a project to develop are approved to enter the community retail hub and do cowork with the other members.

Doing Retail networking on LinkedIn

Although the retail workgroup has demonstrated energy and ability in doing stuff in many countries around the world, the use of networking facilities and online platform is for many still something far away. However, the hub provides a LinkedIn group if some of the members want to do networking. If you are retailer, wholesaler, store-owner, manager, recruiter of retail world, you can ask to join the group (please do remind to register on B2BALTIC first!). About 1000 of our retail members have joined the LinkedIn group.

Development of luxury shops

Luxury Nordic Hub LNH

The retail hub entered already in 2015 alliance with Luxury Nordic Hub , the luxury trader and developer. Since then, B2BALTIC RETAIL HUB targets luxury more than before. What´s LNH? Luxury Nordic Hub since 2015 is the exclusive developer in the Nordics and Baltics for redesigning commercial real-estate, rethinking retail by integrating technology, and dealing with general luxury trade: design furniture, high-fashion, jewellery, special food and wine, brokerage or construction of exclusive homes, ancient objects, art, as well as oldtimer cars or boats on demand. They care for aesthetic and promote exclusive life style. Their team is able to assist details-oriented entrepreneurs, clients, auctions in any step inclusive all marketing, sales cycles, and legal matters in transactions. LNH is member and integrated supplier of the Nordic Baltic community for innovation & smartcities B2BALTIC. Thank the partnership of marketing gurus and media broadcasters, also use B2BALTIC TELEVISION since 2017 for some products or initiatives. The developers are based in Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vienna, Zurich, Washington, Milan, Genoa and Dubai.


Digital Transformation of community shops

Our redaction went already months ago to discover the DT revolution in community shops thank developers of smart retail, members of B2BALTIC community for smartcities & innovation. See the article here to enter the digitalization. The hub has a technical staff of engineers and IT developers who have demonstrated ability in integrating digital tools “in-store”.


Visual merchandising in-store in B2BALTIC