🇺🇸 U.S.A. in Lithuania Latvia Estonia & Finland Building B2B partnerships with America in B2BALTIC community

We have built the new US-Baltic team. They are from United States and members of B2BALTIC community, you can trust them. They have achieved expertise in exporting European product into the US market and helped entrepreneurs to launch their initiative and startup in America. They like working with Nordic/Baltic people because it´s big local potentiality with high quality products and smart educated persons. They can support all the countries of the group B2BALTIC, but focusing at the moment in making several conferences with presentations mostly in Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. If you are actively developing businesses, exporting or dealing with diplomacy with United States, or you would like, you should absolutely talk with them before going to USA without any legal partner. A proved ability in solving problems with logistics/trade, tech startup ventures, real estate investments, funding, real estate acquisitions, accounting and legal services. Legal matter is the main topic. Our team is made of American attorneys at law, therefore they can represent you in any case. Moreover, the leaders Sophie and Marc also explain the cultural issues and differences between the two business zones. American Chambers of Commerce and other organizations are partners as well. Ask them, when and where next conference or write them to ask advise. Do fill up the free application for any detail, do watch the movie of the presentation in Helsinki: