Video sharing is one of the exclusive facility for B2B offered by the B2BALTIC Nordic Baltic community. We share the videos of our members with a refined audience, partners, other members, or potential buyers. From 1st January of 2018 we will boost our private WebTV (B2BALTIC TV) and open to all our networks, therefore increasing your opportunities of doing business on B2BALTIC networks.

Our video sharing is made for

  • creators: professionals who want to have their story, case, design, or idea;
  • producers: organizations that want to stream an event or campaign;
  • non-profit: organizations willing to boost their social mission;
  • brands: managers busy with brand-positioning, responsible for engaging with an audience or community;
  • developers: engineers busy with building-up big ideas, applications or structures;

Uploading your business video is worth, because it let you candidate to B2B Prize 2018 and promote inside one of the fastest growing trading & innovating community in the Nordics, that means 50.000 business worldwide, 20.000 members, plus occasional guests.

Type of videos you should consider to represent you

No worries, they must not be perfect, or with special effects like Startwars! They need to be short/long enough, clear, with good audio, good resolution, clear presentation. Interesting video topics according to our study: send us your interviews about business success; security/safety; general presentations of Nordic/Baltic businesses (all Baltic sea countries); product launch; record of a previous event; video advertising or spots for social purpose; international trade presentation; logistics; movie about real estate development; high-tech; automation; educational and e-learning; legal world and policy.