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List of professional paid services reserved to members of WHITE CROSS ASSOCIATION with the cooperation of B2BALTIC: engineers, developers, designers, trust-lawyers for development.  Our redaction explores what community legal facilities are provided to members. They can assist you and other members in solving complicated cases or develop structures, new markets from IT to Realestate. The community attorneys-at-law, jurists and the business developers focus especially in the Nordic and Baltic countries in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Ukraine, Russia, plus Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland (from DACH-I Network founded in 2006), Emirates (from 2017), Tokio (from 2017), United States (from 2018), United-Kingdom (from 2014), Iran (from 2018), Chile, China, South-Korea, Taiwan, Singapore (from 2019). Here below the list of the most common community legal services provided by community lawyers.

List of legal fields managed by lawyers and business developers in WHITE CROSS and B2BALTIC, The Nordic Baltic Channel of Medias and Industries in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden.


Real Estate transactions in the Nordics, Baltics, or worldwide.

Transactions in real estate matter greatly impacts the lives of the buyers and sellers. Having an attorney assists with the legal aspects of the purchase, sale, or lease of a building or commercial property helps ensure that the real estate transaction is done properly and in the best interests of the buyer, seller, or lessor.

Real Estate Development.

The lawyers do assist members in all types of real estate development, including construction or restructuring of shopping center, industrial plants, residential, hotel, wellness spa, luxury villas, old State-protected houses. They have experience in the creation and operation of residential, commercial and mixed-use condominiums and planned unit developments.

Real Estate Financing.

Experts represent members seeking financing and also actively connected with many regional and international lending institutions. Lawyers advise on current methods and alternatives in real estate financing and assist in the structuring and documentation of real estate mortgages, deeds of trust, contracts of sale and other financing transactions.

Acquisitions, Sales and Exchanges.

They assist in the negotiation and closing of acquisitions and sales, including the preparation of purchase agreements, conveyancing documents, financing documents, tax-deferred and multiple-party exchange agreements. Our experience includes representing both sellers and purchasers of privately and publicly held businesses in taxable and nontaxable transactions. Advise regarding transaction structure and legal terms. Assist in negotiating the transaction, preparing documents necessary to effect the transaction and handle closings. They manage issues involving tax, antitrust, securities, employment, real estate and other law relevant to a specific transaction.


Lawyers represent both landlords and tenants and have significant experience in leasing transactions, including retail leases, ground leases, office leases, industrial leases and subleases. We are pleased to have hundreds of international retailers in B2BALTIC RETAIL as well as building owners as community members in B2BALTIC.

Immigration, residency rules in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania for Non- (EU) European Union citizens

Lawyers assist non-EU citizen, who would like to move and live in our regions, or foreign investors, to be correctly integrated in the Nordics and Baltics. There are different forms of temporary residence permit. Contact the legal department for a first no-binding tip from our immigration experts, if you have an investment you want to do.

Loans and finance.

Lawyers assist in arranging and documenting loans and other financing transactions with foreign lenders.

Partnerships, joint Ventures, and Investments.

We regularly are involved in structuring and documenting LLC limited liability companies, partnerships and joint ventures commonly in IT & technology, real estate, digital transformation. Lawyers counsel members in selection of business entity and assist in the formation of both domestic and foreign partnerships, joint ventures and corporations.

International Business.

Lawyers consult on-line, in office practices (ask availability in your city), in foreign counsel. International diplomacy, trade, acquisitions and export are common matter in a community of active professional members. The community is the right place for international business in general.

Mergers and Acquisitions.

Attorneys at law represent members in merging, acquisitions, and similar transactions where one or more of the parties is a foreign entity or local. It´s a normal happen, since community members are coming from different countries or continents. They perform the merging of two or more undertakings in order to become one undertaking (consolidation) or one undertaking acquiring other undertaking (acquisition). They analyze and fix situations where one or more natural persons who already have a decisive influence over one or a few market participants or one or several undertakings acquire a part or all of the fixed assets of another market participant or shares of other, or the right to use assets, or a direct or indirect decisive influence over another market participant or other market participants.  Otherwise they can assist in such a situation where a single natural person, or two or several natural persons jointly, simultaneously acquire a part or all of the assets of two or several market participants or obtain the right to use such assets, or a direct or indirect decisive influence over two or several market participants.

International Contracts and Licenses.

B2BALTIC lawyers are experienced in developing and negotiating contracts for the sale of goods, license agreements, and distribution agreements. In consultation with foreign counsel, they also assist in structuring contracts to comply with foreign law and rules.

Tax Considerations.

The legal advisers support regarding special tax rules applicable to international transactions, to non-citizens, and to citizens in foreign countries. Areas of expertise include formation and operation of foreign subsidiaries, foreign investment and investment in the EU, band transfer of property outside the EU.

Regulation for international licensing and intellectual properties.

Lawyers are knowledgeable concerning a wide variety of laws governing international business transactions, including foreign investment reporting requirements, export licensing requirements, and rules governing international protection of intellectual property.

Equity Financing.

B2BALTIC hub members may obtain both debt and equity financing for acquisitions and other purposes. The experience includes bank and other institutional debt financing, work with debt and equity private placement financing, equipment leases, research and development limited partnerships, and public offerings.

Commercial and Contracts.

Community lawyers are able to handle numerous cases involving commercial contracts in a wide range of areas such as the purchase and sale of businesses, utility contracts, contracts for the sale or development of intellectual property, construction contracts, and partnership disputes. Full experience in litigating all types of cases including contracts for the sale of goods, security interests, loan transactions, banking, procedures and investments.

Technology licensing and IT distribution.

Subject matter of these licenses may be a patent, copyright, trade secret, know-how, trademark, or a combination of various forms of intellectual property. Assisting members with numerous foreign and domestic joint ventures and strategic alliances. Our lawyers have also participated in organizing or restructuring major national and international distribution networks. They balance and manage the many antitrust, technology protection, trade, and other legal concerns raised by complex distribution arrangements, including agreements type OEM, dealers, distributors, and sales representatives.

EU-Rights, Children´s Rights, Women´s Rights.

Our international multilingual lawyers and attorney at law support you when you do business in the European Union or travel. Our legal division EU unit in the community is particularly influencer and connected basicly with all States, several EU departments, authorities. We also have a group devoted to protect the rights of women in the Union against sexism or discrimination connected with powerful women business clubs. The EU division can calculate and apply sanctions, contract fine, judicial executions through EU authorities, law enforcement in many countries.

Antitrust, Unfair Competition, Litigation.

Community legal geeks also provides lead litigation counsel in numerous antitrust cases, including civil and criminal cases.