REVOLUTIONARY office-sharing in the community for members of B2BALTIC. You get a conference room in many cities



Our press redaction went to discover a new exciting facility introduced by the Nordic Baltic community for smartcities B2BALTIC. Office-sharing allows you, as a member, to actually exchange part of your office, so to give for a limited time one of your equipped business rooms to another business guest, just for a few hours, obviously as many often as you like. The facility is in beta-test and represent a social business experiment conducted by our community under suggestion of the community-moderator D. Janetschek. Let´s see a little bit better what does it mean.

The so called “B2B Host Program” is a part of the community policy for all members who agree with this special condition. It is possible to active during the membership application (professionals can start in the community for free, changing the membership when they want later). It allows you to provide another member of the community with one of your business rooms for at least 2 hours per calendar year. You provide WIFI, base media equipment for presentations (projector is not mandatory but a plus) and privacy during the short use of the rooms for the best experience.The facility is at the moment free of charge recommended to our smartest entrepreneurs in Helsinki, Tampere, Stockholm, Malmo, Tallinn, Tartu, Riga, Vilnius, Klaipeda, Warsaw, Berlin, Copenhagen, Oslo, Vienna, Milan, Genova, Bologna, Zurich, Washington, New-York, Dubai. (Sponsor of the initiative in the community: Janetschek & Partners Developers & Attorneys)

many conference room might be available

It is not only an opportunity for entrepreneurs and business travelers, who don´t own or maybe don´t want to rent a location for so short tile, but also chance for meeting other professionals in a co-shared context, making possible business

networking directly on site after the conference. You could meet amazing business professionals. The service is provided from member to member of B2BALTIC for free. Members may decide if they want to join this program or not in total freedom. N.B. The ones who share the room are automatic entitled to ask a free location, other room availability, in other location regardless from the city or nation (of course depending on availability). At the moment you can ask availability by contacting us or chatting with us on facebook. Soon a map will be visible online! Isn´t amazing? Write your opinion on this press article or share it with your business partners!



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