Tribute to sailing yachting racing boats in Nordic Baltic as life style. Available all models in B2B

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B2BALTIC.TV redaction together with the team of NATURAL BALTIC CHANNEL has made a tribute to boats, sailing, yachting and racing. It´s passion of the Nordic Baltic people. We also organize events together with our members: for example the TOPCAT CLASS championship organized from Germany in Jurmala (Riga, Latvia).

A big B2B market place for our members with passion for sea

Community B2BALTIC provides boats for any size and any price, for sailing, yachting, racing, cruising or fishing. Members of the community have demonstrated competence and organization with their structures around Nordic and Baltic countries. If you work together with us, our specialized members, our skippers, local marines, and professional sailors also mean to participate to national and international organized Baltic-sea events together with the others. Watch this beautiful video devoted to Nordic/Baltic passion for the sea! Contact B2BALTIC TV for ordering catalogues, discovering the available models with B2B price, join us in all next boat show fairs, join the community, or contact us to ask for a tip directly from our boat experts!


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