The world has changed the way to communicate stuff. In the past, you used to create an event choosing first of all the location, city, hotel, negotiating with the Hotel manager about costs for renting the business room. You were wondering whether you need the big one or the small one, and that made already hard to arrange the right place. After that you used to send invitations by e-mail and experienced again the trouble of the location: the meeting takes place in Helsinki or Milan but you want to invite your American business friends, the Swedish contacts in Stockholm, and your members in Vienna. Did they come? No. Because it´s too far away and requires too much time investment for your people. Do you pay the airplane tickets to them? So your conferences and seminars found quite hard to attract audience, even if the matter was great and you spent 2 weeks of work to prepare your presentation. This trouble has been fixed: enterprises, smart small businesses or consultants adopt since a few years the webinar solutions. There are many in the market with different costs. In the meanwhile Webinar systems also changed their approach: the best ones use WebTV, like B2BALTIC Television does.

It´s your seminar online, on a stable platform, or in your WebTV cloud, with control, a live chat for Q&A and other interactive functions on demand. Your webinar goes LIVE as long as you want and you can connect to Directors TV which broadcasts 24hours professional contents, business presentations, financial explanations, conferences, speech, business interviews, seminars and some advertising (maybe yours). It provides an easy way to send invitations, to gather, to introduce to all them your stuff. Your audience watch and understand the matter easier because it does not deal with a projection of slide on a far white wall, but directly with media contents on their home-screen. You can choose to offer your audience some entertainment contents during the live. Your business guests may finally sit at home or in office, everywhere in the world, with no travel expenses to send to any accountant. In the advanced webinar platforms, you can share easily contents, or even share the control of the presentation, or let others talk. It makes easy to explain your products, service, mission and sell online directly to them. WebTV-LIVE24 allows your webinars to enter the video marketing world and get in touch with directors and executives from companies worldwide. Yes, B2BALTIC is not only a regional hub for the 9 Baltic sea countries, but also an European hub partner of the Global Movement Smart&Digitalcities. Our most popular industries in B2BALTIC and globally are: retail, IT & technology, commercial realestate, design, furniture, business supplies, marketing&advertising, international trade and affairs, coaching. Why video marketig is life for your business and future you learn on this other article on magazine. You know already how to webinar? Then just inform for free the Nordic Baltic B2B TV hub that you have a planned event in your calendar!

Webinars in B2BALTIC may be perpetual TV

The community and hub B2BALTIC uses different kind of platforms to make webinars. Members of the community can require to use B2BALTIC Television Webinar TV platforms also for their own business and presentations. The reason why you should use the community channels for making your webinar is because of the broadcasting. B2BALTIC helps you create webinar, supporting technically and inviting selected members to your online presentation. You go “live” , that means everything happen in real time. But it´s not all: the platform records your webinar for re-broadcasting it several times a years, eventually changing channels and reselecting the target audiance. The records can be even stored in your own B2BALTIC TV Cloud if you prefer to manage your transmission by yourself, by creating your own TV. Thank this TV facility, your webinar may attract and sell even when you sleep or do something else. Another positive aspect of the webinar in B2BALTIC: is possible to collect statistics. You should definitevely start doing Webinars using smart platforms. B2BALTIC members usually talk about the followings:

  • product/service presentations
  • corporate training
  • educational tutorials
  • infomercials (online sales)
  • e-commerce overview

The most frequent topics in B2B webinars are:

  • IT solutions
  • Industrial automation
  • Bio, pharma
  • Food/Beverage wholesale
  • Luxury/art/design trade or auctions

Countries facilitated by B2BALTIC Webinar TV

All countries of the world can use B2BALTIC and Directors TV platforms for their corporate webinars. Moreover, Directors TV gives you access to WebTV LIVE via B2BALTIC Television globally if your webinar talk about development oriented to digital-transformation, smartcities, modern realestate, software, art, design, film & motion pictures, etc.

Add your webinar event now! is the fastest way to get in touch with B2BALTIC Webinar team. If the webinar is particularly interesting we will broadcast on our network immediately. Indication of your event, conference, webinar date is free of charge.