For our members, loyal followers from all over the world and special guests, time by time we also organize online “open-networking” on social media such us LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Since 2012 the B2BALTIC Community industries are: commercial real estate, retail & shopping, high-tech, crowdfunding & startups, design, media via paper/TV & broadcasting, social business (educational, training and motivational, elderly care, children care, NGOs), luxury objects (furniture, boats, oldtimer cars, art), legal matter, smartcities. B2BALTIC Centre organize and sponsor networking-events in several cities or online (via conferences, TV, webinars) because of the corona-times and the social distancing (check on the event calendar when next and where). Otherwise you can do networking on the LinkedIN groups managed by moderators of B2BALTIC.

Historical background with first network founders.

The European Center for Trading-Innovation & Smartcities B2BALTIC originally acquired professional networks founded since 2006 such as the JANETSCHEK PROFIS NETZWERKE (Vienna 2000-2013); the GERMAN ITALIAN SPEAKERS NETWORK DACH-I (2006-2020, Innsbruck); ITALY BALTIC TRADING HUB (2013-2020, Riga-Milan); the Swedish DOING BUSINESS SWEDEN (DBS) HUB (2014-2020, Stockholm), the Movement Smart&Digitalcities (2019-2020). In 2017 B2BALTIC founded B2BALTIC TELEVISION BROADCASTER. In 2019 B2BALTIC TV started working with DIRECTORS TV 24 format and launched Webinars TV, Startups TV 24 and TV Startups Women. All these channels are broadcasted globally also by B2BALTIC (with regional filter, you will see contents related to your regions/country/city or generic)


Access also from professional starting from free.

B2BALTIC is a premium exclusive startups community of entrepreneurs, developers and investors. First in Europe with Television for members. But it´s not everything about business and money. The hub has a great social attitude which does not discriminate small businesses, social causes and smart ideas. If a member has a smart content to present and share such us a video, an event, or webinar, might be allowed to go “on-air” for a while. TV sponsors are featured in the networks as well as investors, business angels, and webinators.


17.000+ of our members have joined us via LinkedIn (statistics 2020)

You are invited to share smart contents, research, documentary or engaging videos about your business cases. Please do not spam the groups and do not send just advertising out-of-topic to avoid censure, reports, bad reviews from other members and suspension of your membership.

Mention the movement smartcities on Twitter or Directors TV 24 on Facebook

To get noted, just do mention @SmartCityAction on Twitter or @DirectorsTV24 / @B2BALTICTV on Facebook. Our team will monitor your action and eventually support your cause.


if it does not work because of technical troubles of Facebook & Co, you can just add officially your event here. Do please remind to add B2BALTIC logo, or link or just mentioning B2BALTIC on your landing page where you promote your event, if you are requiring a free promotion service.

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Online Webinars

Webinars are the new trend for showing your own business products and services. Webinar are not new thing, about 7 years ago business people started to use webinar platforms. The revolutionary thing is that webinars can go now on TV, even in LIVE TV, or recorded and transformed into “infomercial” for a continuos TV promotion. It could be for sales-purpose or for social causes. The power of broadcasting and new media communications has definitevely changed the face of the webinar. They are useful for your all videomarketing strategy and all your future advertising. You can also connect LIVE for example on public YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or other TV cable private channels, CDN, Satellites on demand, thank B2BALTIC Television Hub).

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On B2BALTIC centre and community TV network, you can share your:

  • press release,
  • sales webinars,
  • conferences live or recorded,
  • product launch,
  • business events,
  • social mission,
  • job offer,
  • researches, documentary,
  • polls,
  • professional films and business movies,
  • Q&A to other members, help requests,
  • self-promotions (if “well-done” and compatible with group-topic or premium),
  • your last best videos for B2B or social cause.