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On Facebook extraordinary professional groups for politics and policies.

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Best sales solution in Covid time: Online Webinars. Live+TV/Moderator possible.

Webinars are the new trend for showing your own business products and services. Webinar are not new thing, about 7 years ago business people started to use webinar platforms. The revolutionary thing is that webinars can go now on TV, even in LIVE TV, or recorded and transformed into “infomercial” for a continuos TV promotion. It could be for sales-purpose or for social causes. The power of broadcasting and new media communications has definitevely changed the face of the webinar. They are useful for your all videomarketing strategy and all your future advertising. You can also connect LIVE for example on public YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or other TV cable private channels, CDN, Satellites on demand, thank B2BALTIC Television Hub).

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